Fellows Are Welcome


Dear REI Fellows,

Please consider attending the REI Fellows MRSi experience. We look forward to seeing you there!


Have you been selected as a REI Fellows presenter at the MRSi 2018 and would like to submit your Research abstract for review? Submit your abstract to sam.jones@mrsmeeting.com. Please include "MRSi Abstract Submission" in the subject line of your email.

Abstract Submission Deadline is Monday, April 2, 2018, 5:00 PM (CST).


The Midwest Reproductive Symposium international (MRSi) Program Committee invites you to submit a scientific abstract and poster to be considered for presentation at MRSi 2018.  Abstracts must be submitted via email to both Nickey Pappas and Sampaguita Jones at Sam.Jones@mrsmeeting.org and Nickey.Pappas@mrsmeeting.org by Monday, April 2, 2018.

If the nominating committee chooses your abstract, you will be invited to present your poster or oral presentation on Friday or Saturday, June 8th or 9th at MRSi 2018.

An announcement will be made as to how many REI Fellows abstracts will be accepted.  These individuals will have air or ground travel, hotel, and conference registration compensated.


  1. Content - Abstracts must adequately describe the research performed so that the quality, originality, and completeness of the work can be evaluated. Only structured abstracts with the following headings can be submitted.

    • Objective: An introductory sentence indicating the objective and purpose of the study

    • Design: A briefly worded description of the study design

    • Materials and Methods: A description of experimental procedures including applicable statistical evaluation

    • Results: A summary of the new data and results

    • Conclusions: A statement of the study's conclusions

    • Support: Iden fy all sources of nancial support for the research or state "None" if applicable.

  2. Abbreviations used in abstracts must be defined. Abbreviations are permitted in titles if they immediately follow the term being abbreviated and are enclosed in parentheses. If used in the text, they should be defined at first mention if not already defined in the title.

  3. ACCME guidelines require generic names be used for pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical devices. The trade name of the particular product used in a study may be included in parentheses the first time the product is referenced. The trade name may be used if the product is the only one of its general type and use of the generic name would encumber the reader.

  4. Limit the number of authors to six (6) - no exceptions.

  5. In the abstract textboxes, list the presenting author first. Type each authors' first name, initial, last name and affiliation in upper and lower case, in italics, not in bold. The authors' names will be printed in the program exactly as submitted.

  6. Do not identify individuals in the title or abstract body.

  7. Bold the title and type it in all CAPS.

  8. Abstract size limits - the body of the abstract is limited to 2000 characters, which may include one table. Inclusion of a table will replace some character space. Figures and/or graphics are not permitted and will be deleted. Titles are limited to 200 characters and are not included in the abstract body character count. Author names and affiliations are not included in either character count.

  9. Review and selection of abstracts: Abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Nominating Committee and selected for inclusion in the program on the basis of scientific content and significance to the field of reproductive medicine.

  10. Authors assume complete responsibility for the integrity and validity of the data at the time of submission.


For more information, please contact Sampaguita Jones at Sam.Jones@mrsmeeting.org or Nickey Pappas at Nickey.Pappas@mrsmeeting.org.