We are happy to help you reach your goals of support by honoring your creative wishes!  If you would like to customize, create, or co-sponsor an opportunity, please contact us at Coordinators@mrsmeeting.org, as sponsorship opportunities are available on a sliding scale to suite you and your company's needs. 



Evening Cocktail Reception Premier Sponsorship Opportunities


“Legends of Architecture: Let’s Get this Party Started” Wednesday Evening Cocktail Reception
The Drake Hotel - $25,000

The architects of IVF pushed boundaries, imagined what could be possible, and at times faced skepticism and opposition.  Tonight we celebrate how their achievements have paved the way for us to push the boundaries of IVF even further in the future. 

“The Architecture of IVF Around the Globe” Thursday Evening Welcome Reception
Offsite Location TBD - $30,000

The delicate nature of fertility treatments and IVF require precision and innovation to continue building upon the foundation set forth by the architects of IVF.  Leaving behind the known and exploring the unknown, global collaboration lets us continue to develop techniques that enhance successful outcomes for patients of all types.    

“Gold Coast Chicago: Blueprint & Blue Jeans, Denim & Diamonds” Friday Evening Cocktail Reception
The Drake Hotel - $35,000

Both architecture and art require a balance between durability, utility, and beauty.  The most famous architectural designs leave us dazzled by their aesthetic beauty while having a sturdy structure that withstands the elements. 


Select Sponsorship Opportunities


“Built to Last: The Architects of Tomorrow” REI Fellow’s Grant $20,000

Invest in the future of our field by giving REI Fellows the blueprints, tools and network to succeed.   

“A Strong Foundation: Building Healthy Individuals and Families” Mental Health Day – $20,000

Support matters.  We'll focus on how to interact with our patients to provide them with a strong foundation to lean on throughout their fertility journey.

“Exploring the Blueprints for Success” Architectural Tour & Closing Dinner $15,000

Wrap up MRSi 2018 with an inspirational architectural tour of the majestic city of Chicago and celebrate the conference's successes with a dinner at an architecturally beautiful restaurant.

CEO Summit Sponsor – $15,000

CEOs will share best practices at an exclusive dinner with a special TBA key note speaker.  Contact us to learn more about the key note speakers we are currently in discussions with. 


Food Sponsorship Opportunities

Developing new ideas, dealing with rapid technological changes, and revolutionizing design methods - make sure that conference attendees are properly fueled to keep pushing forward.

Thursday Breakfast Sponsor for Nurse Practicum, Business Minds, & Mental Health Day $7,000

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 | 7:00am-8:00am

Thursday Morning Break Sponsor in Exhibitor Hall $5,000

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 | 10:00am-10:45am

Thursday Luncheon Sponsor for Nurse Practicum, Business Minds, & Mental Health Day $12,000

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 | 12:15pm-1:15pm

Thursday Afternoon Break Sponsor in Exhibitor Hall $5,000

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 | 2:45pm-3:15pm

Friday Breakfast Sponsor for Scientific Session $7,000

Friday, June 8th, 2018 | 7:00am-8:00am

Friday Morning Break Sponsor in Exhibitor Hall $5,000

Friday, June 8th, 2018 | 10:00am-10:45am

Friday Afternoon Break Sponsor in Exhibitor Hall $5,000

Friday, June 8th, 2018 | 2:30pm-3:30pm

Saturday Breakfast Sponsor for Scientific Session $7,000

Saturday, June 9th, 2018 | 6:45am-7:45am

Saturday Morning Break Sponsor in Exhibitor Hall $5,000

Saturday, June 9th, 2018 | 9:45am-10:15am

Saturday Lunch for Scientific Session $12,000

Saturday, June 9th, 2018 | 11:45am-12:45pm


Global Webcast Sponsorship Opportunity


Friday Lunch and Live! Fertility & Sterility Journal Club Webcast Sponsor $20,000

Friday, June 8th, 2018 | 12:30pm-1:30pm

On Friday, June 8, 2018, during the scientific session, Dr. Kurt Barnhart of the University of Pennsylvania will lead the "Lunch and Live! Fertility & Sterility Journal Club Webcast", a global broadcast that connects conference attendees and exhibitors with a worldwide audience to discuss a timely topic in fertility.  Have the opportunity to represent the MRSi and the ASRM community in a live interaction celebrating the architecture of IVF worldwide. 


Additional sponsorship opportunities

Today's architects must exercise creativity through new, progressive practices, revolutionary ideas, and breakthrough methods.  Join us on our endless pursuit of originality and ingenuity.

“The Future is Bright” High School Internship Sponsor – $1,500

Help to forge the path ahead by providing interns with the experience of meeting administration.

“Breaking Ground” Scientific Session Opening Ceremony Sponsor – $2,000

Break ground and welcome in the 2018 MRSi Scientific Session!

Graciously Sponsored by: Hamilton Thorne

Hamilton Thorne is a leading world-wide provider of precision instruments, consumables, software and services that reduce cost, increase productivity, improve results and enable breakthroughs in the ART field. We offer a full suite of products, including our lasers and CASA systems, TrakJector™ micromanipulators, antivibration platforms, micropipettes, incubators and ZEISS microscopes. Learn more here.


“Landmark” Lanyards – $2,000

Ensure MRSi attendees are clearly "land-marked" with lanyards for their ID badges.

“A Trip to Remember” Photo Experience – $3,000

Give travel memories to last a lifetime to our very own architects of IVF upon check in. 

“The Tools to Succeed” Gift Bags Sponsor – $3,000

The Tools to Succeed Gift Bag will provide all attendees the necessary "tools" to succeed in their research and practice from MRSi, sponsors, and exhibitors.

“Initial Walkthrough” MRSi Staff Pre-Conference Dinner – $1,500

Fuel the MRSi staff as they officially break ground on the 2018 MRSi conference.

“Sculpting the Future” MRSi Staff Post-Conference Dinner – $1,500

Provide a meal for the MRSi staff while they reflect on the 2018 conference and look ahead to 2019.

“Charging the Future” Mobile Phone Charging Station Sponsor – $4,000

Keep MRSi attendees charged and ready to go with our mobile phone charging station.

“Work Crew” Staff T-Shirt & Business Professional Shirt Sponsor – $4,000

Outfit the MRSi team with t-shirts and professional business attire worn throughout the conference.

 “Built for Innovation” Wi-Fi Sponsor – $5,000

In a connected world, WiFi is the glue that holds us together.  Provide all MRSi attendees access to the internet.

“The Architects Among Us” Speaker/REI Fellow Awards – $5,000

Acknowledge the current and future leaders within the REI community who share their ingenuity at the 2018 conference. 

 “Keys to the Castle” Key Card Sponsor – $6,000 (May 1st deadline to sponsor)

Gain access to your sleeping quarters with keys to the castle.

“Dress for Success” T-Shirt Main Sponsor – $5,000

A reminder that the journey to success is filled with collaboration from around the world.  A t-shirt will be created with all our sponsors named to commemorate our journey thus far.



From the vast height of Seattle's Space Needle to the swooping roof of the Sydney Opera House "down unda", architecture has the ability to captivate and unite us all; the unique, yet global desire to design and craft an unforgettable structure resonates worldwide.

MRSi Program Guide Ad
– Quarter Page Ad – $75, Half Page – S150, Full Page – $300, or Inside Front/Back Cover – $400

Reach fellow architects around the world with an ad in our MRSi Program Guide.

Exhibitor Pass
– Prime Booth Location: $4,000 (5 spaces available), Early-Bird $3,200 (by 2/15/18), After 2/15/18 - $3,600

Reach fellow innovators around the world during 3 days and 21.5 hours of exhibition time with an Exhibitor Pass. 

**NEW: “Explore the World” Exhibitor Raffles – MRSi 2019 Registration – $500/raffle (limit of 5 opportunities available)

For maximum booth exposure, exhibitors also have an opportunity to participate in a raffle.  One registration ticket for any session at MRSi 2019 will be raffled during each break. 

MRSi Conference Registration & Lodging Raffle – $1,700

Create buzz around your company name and grant one lucky MRSi attendee free registration and lodging for MRSi 2019!

Customized & Co-Sponsored Opportunities Available

If you would like to customize, create, or co-sponsor an opportunity, please contact us.